When my passion touches your power, miracles occur.

My name is Benjamin Depraz-Brenninkmeijer. I was born in Paris but have spent many years abroad as a child, in the Middle East first and then South-East Asia. At a very young age, I was exposed to the diversity and richness the world has to offer, but I didn’t always appreciate what I had. The dance of the universe unfolds and we are a part of it. It took me a couple of decades to even begin to witness it.

After I graduated from business school, I went on to work in investment banking for a couple of years in Europe’s financial capital, London, for one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Up until then, I had never really asked myself what I wanted my life to be about.

I followed the well-worn path of academically successful people, joining the ranks of the corporate army without really making it a conscious decision. My ultimate aspiration was to get the highest paying job with the highest social reputation possible, and if possible not work like a slave (I did not quite get that last part right). Anyway, this was a pretty typical journey which many people are familiar with.

And then, this happened.

6 months in my new shiny career, I hit an existential wall, one could call it a void of meaning, that threw me into an intense and emotionally volatile search for meaning. This was the beginning of what I see as my “hero’s journey”, in the words of mythologist Joseph Campbell.

I got involved in the world of personal development to try and find the answers I was desperately craving. What am I here for? What is the meaning of life? What shall I do while I’m here on Earth? What do I even want? And, as Mark Manson elegantly put it: What do I not suck at?…


“I help others to work on myself and I work on myself to help others.

To me, this is what the emerging game is all about.”




Almost 2 years into my existential search for meaning, I decided to take my chances and quit my safe, comfortable, respectable and highly-paid job for… nothing. I still did not really know what I was about to launch into. I only had one guide: intuition. I did not have anything lined up when I shook my manager’s hand. No job, no interviews.

I relied on two subtle but powerful ingredients: a new arena which inspired me – helping others prosper and thrive – and faith – that I would make it work, somehow.

I am a life enthusiast. It does require a daily practice, but I embrace the world’s adversities as much as its beauty.

I have also always challenged performance. My own to begin with, but others’ too (which was probably not always welcome…). I do this with everyone, not because I mean to be annoying, but simply because I don’t settle.

I hold a high bar, and nothing else.

When I was 17, I performed in front of 5,000 people. I was into hip hop and breakdancing at the time. It was awesome. Challenging myself always resulted in mixed emotions: both thrilled excitement and fearful apprehension.

When I was 23, I graduated with merit from Europe’s #1 business school, thinking that what I wanted to be for the rest of my life was an investment banker. Thankfully no one smacked me in the face at that time! Luckily, I was surrounded by compassionate friends and family who probably thought it’d be better to let me learn from my own choices.

But above all, I challenged myself big time when later on, I did quit my job in investment banking and invested heavily in myself and my new journey: coaching. I felt I was starting from scratch (little did I know all my previous experiences would help). I surrounded myself by and learnt from some of the best coaches on the planet. Little by little, I identified that coaching was where my passion was. There too, it took some time, but when it happened, I just knew. I put all my savings into my dream.

I went all-in. And again… it was both thrilling and terrifying.

But this is a small price to pay to create an inspiring and fulfilling life. My utmost commitment is to help you see the giant in you. If my or your dreams did not seem impossible, they wouldn’t be dreams.

After I resigned from my job in investment banking, I dived deep into psychology, philosophy, human behaviour, emotional intelligence, hypnosis, NLP, personal and professional development and spirituality. I built a coaching business one conversation at a time. I created what seemed impossible to me at the time.

Today, I know that I will never stop learning and exploring, and my new dreams are bigger and they still feel impossible! But instead of dreading the ascent, I contemplate the climb with a smile.

I now live in Bristol, a city I love, and am incredibly grateful to share a large amount of my time with a wonderful woman who became my wife on 9th September 2017. We share extraordinary dreams together and are dedicating our lives to create and inspire.

Ultimately, our coaching is not about me. It is about YOU.
Let’s unleash the creator within you and together, watch the magic unfold.


If you are interested in creating together, connect with me HERE.