Stop Playing “Safe”

Have you ever observed how children do life? They are least concerned with safety and security. This is precisely what makes them grow so much. Toddlers learn so fast to walk and talk because they don't care about maintaining their "safe" state. They don't care about mistakes, failures, or pain. I mean, they feel pain … Continue reading Stop Playing “Safe”

What “DIPLOMA” Should Really Stand For

A few months ago, I shared how my own relationship to educational and intellectual achievements secretly damaged my self-esteem for years (you can read the article here). Although I proudly displayed success on the outside, I felt unworthy on the inside. And worse, I was ashamed of that and afraid that anyone would come to … Continue reading What “DIPLOMA” Should Really Stand For

Be The Change You Want To See In _ (Blank)

You are probably familiar with the words: "Be the change you want to see in the world", attributed to Gandhi. I love this quote, even though it is not certain that he actually said these words. It is such a simple yet powerful reminder that what we see and experience in the world is actually … Continue reading Be The Change You Want To See In _ (Blank)

Your Clients Are NOT Looking For A Coach

How often have I heard coaches being confused about where to find the people who are "looking for" coaching? How often have I heard coaches being frustrated because people in their world were not "looking for" coaching? How often have I seen a public request on Facebook: "Hi guys, I'm looking for a coach; who … Continue reading Your Clients Are NOT Looking For A Coach

“I Am Looking For A Coach. Can You Recommend Anyone?”

I am a member of various Facebook Groups related to coaching, personal development, leadership, philosophy and other fields of interest to me. Every once in a while, I see someone posting the following request: "Hi guys, I am X and I am looking for a coach for Y. Could you recommend anyone?" I would like … Continue reading “I Am Looking For A Coach. Can You Recommend Anyone?”

The Business Of Creation

It took me a while to get to this realisation, but I finally ended up embracing the fact that everything in the world is co-creation. Everything that happens in life, yours or mine, is exactly at the convergence between forces unravelling outside of us, and how we choose to show up to meet reality. We are … Continue reading The Business Of Creation

A Glimpse Of Love

Not too long ago, I became present to a profound insight which shifted my entire perspective about love. To put it simply, I first realised that most of my love for myself was subtly but perniciously conditional. I talked about self-love and encouraged others to develop love for themselves first, as a prerequisite to truly … Continue reading A Glimpse Of Love

How To Deal With Criticism: Discard Praise

For most of us, criticism stings and burns. I couldn't count how many times I reacted negatively, sometimes aggressively, sometimes with embarassment and shame, to honest feedback from someone close to me... I do so less and less, although I still occasionally fall back into my old ways of being. I even remember, months ago, a … Continue reading How To Deal With Criticism: Discard Praise

What Death Taught Me About Life

There are two undeniable facts about life: it will end for all of us, and we don't know when it's going to happen. We know this, yet we conveniently and consistently forget it. Most of us dread to consider the question and implications of death, and we immerse ourselves in various spiritual or material pursuits; whatever will help us cope … Continue reading What Death Taught Me About Life