Head of Growth, Logistics Start-Up, France

“I was struggling with my professional context and needed to change my beliefs and behaviors in order to progress. I was a fresh manager and needed to manage 20+ Sales people during a context of revenue crisis (company dead or alive according to results). It was hard to get feedback from the inside because the coaching I needed was very personal.

My CEO had worked with you and recommended I start a process.

Our coaching helped me:

  • develop the ability to handle conflictual conversations (being Fair VS being Loved)
  • gain self-confidence / killed self-doubt & questions loop in my head
  • detach myself from bad results to focus on action versus thinking too much about past failures
  • improve my sense of ownership. Not only about professional accountabilities, but also strong ownership of my life and my choices

Overall : Ben targeted the right problems in my chaotic context. He replaced the wrong questions I asked myself by powerful ones. It’s not magic, it’s hard work. But I will do it again because it’s a cornerstone in my personal growth.”