Partner, Global Executive Search Firm, UK

“I found great value in my coaching sessions with Ben. I was stepping into co-leading the European business of a global firm, and felt a keen sense of challenge, and some pressure, as I moved into that role. Feeling I would benefit from coaching as I took on more significant management responsibility, I decided to work with Ben following recommendation from a colleague, who had a very positive experience of working with him. My colleague had been recommended Ben by a client who also had a similarly positive experience.

Ben’s approach is anchored in a balanced and objective framework, which provides the basis to explore and identify one’s personal values and priorities with him in structured, regular coaching sessions. These sessions build on each other, with specific exercises set in between each session to reinforce key aspects of the framework relevant to our discussions.  I found Ben particularly skilled at linking the personal and professional, exploring the dynamic interaction between one’s values and priorities, and how those align to one’s professional situation and behaviours.

Throughout the coaching programme, Ben was skilled at asking apt questions that provided moments of real clarity, enhancing my self-awareness, challenging my assumptions, and in setting me specific tasks and goals to facilitate practical application of these insights in my day to day life. Ben was not afraid to push me, although always in a thoughtful and respectful way, to inform my professional development.

In drawing on examples from his own experience and providing insights from those in the world who are exceptional in their field – from sport to academia to business – Ben inspired confidence, and I found the sessions highly motivational. His passion for human performance optimisation and his extensive knowledge in this field was very valuable in helping me clarify how best to address some areas of my approach to management, leadership, and the execution of my work that I became aware I needed to improve. Through the tools Ben provides and his guidance in applying them, it became clear the great benefit that can be found by objectively examining one’s own experiences in the personal and professional realms, both positive and negative. The output formed the basis for real growth and development going forward. I have found this process has also helped build my resiliency during moments of significant challenge.

I cannot recommend Ben highly enough as a professional development coach and found him to be operating at a highly impactful level.”