Senior Division Manager, Global Retail & Distribution, Saudi Arabia

“Our discussion and exercises have been instrumental in helping me shape a different mindset and approach, not only in professional life, but also personal.

At this stage in my career, I aimed to reach bigger ambitions and handle more important roles in time where objectives set to me from my management where even higher. Having moved from a regional based company to an international organization with different expectations, left me in a blurry area. Many of what I believed to be my strengths turned out to be not in line with my management outlooks.

This disconnection made me realize that working closely with a coach was inevitable in order for me to move in the right direction. Additionally the positive impact you had left on my wife’s mindset during your coaching sessions with her, the eye opener you were to her and the actions that she took in result, encouraged me and made me want to benefit from the same process and experience.

Not only I noticed an evolution, but my management realized the same and I came out of the coaching process a different person; one with a different approach, able to make bold decisions, a different leadership style able to attract people and build the right team that will help me accelerate in reaching goals, and one that builds clearer objectives and sticks to his commitment.

Thank you for all that Ben, I wish you all the best in all your endeavors.”