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Coaching with me

My clients are business executives in C-level or other senior management positions, either in medium and large corporations or in start-ups and scale-ups post Series A.

1) I help them become clear on:

2) and I help them excel by coaching them on:

The coaching I do is a blend of existential philosophy, humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, logotherapy and business management. I work equally on professional and personal matters as every individual is a holistic system and both aspects of life need to elevate in tandem.

My clients generally aim to grow in one or more of these 4 aspects of life:

Sometimes I help my clients with their 25-year vision. And sometimes I help them with a problem they need to solve in the next 24 hours.
Sometimes I help them reflect deeply on their values. And sometimes I help them with immediate action.
Sometimes I listen to them deeply. And sometimes I tell them what they most need to hear.

Leadership Development Model:

-> Self-Awareness is the development of Discernment & Insight
-> Grounding is the development of Confidence & Presence
-> Influence is the development of Emotional Intelligence & Communication

Our Coaching Agreements

  • We honour the space of trust between us.
  • We commit to being our word.
  • We make coaching one of the most important things in your schedule.
  • We take full responsibility for what is created.

A few words about me

I am French and grew up internationally between France, the UAE and Thailand. After acquiring a Masters in Corporate and a Public Management from HEC Paris and SciencesPo. Paris, I worked as an investment banking analyst in London, where I experienced first-hand the intricacies of corporate structures and processes, reporting lines, and human capital challenges. This isn’t what I wanted to be great at, so I embarked on a reinvention journey.

By progressively understanding myself and my earlier life, the influences that shaped me as well as what was deeply meaningful for me, I reconnected with my deep love for helping others know themselves and feel better about who they are. I became obsessed with helping others actualise more and more of their potential with authenticity, gratitude and purpose. I have done countless trainings and spent thousands of hours and dollars developing my skillset and toolkit, and deepening my fascination for human performance and the human potential.

From 2015 to 2023 I have been working in a boutique firm called iDiscover360, based in London, which focuses on leadership development, purpose and emotional intelligence. I was a partner in the firm and created and led the Coaching Division.

Over these 8 years I conducted 50+ multi-day personal development seminars in 8 different countries, and worked with hundreds of business leaders, from founders of early stage start-ups to C-level executives in both small and large companies, to artists and independent consultants. 

I have coached 1-on-1 high performers and leaders from many cultures and backgrounds: France, UK, USA, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Brazil, and India, to name a few. I have worked with a wide range of industries from Private Equity and Venture Capital to Retail, Fashion or Tech.  

I am married and live with my wife near Bordeaux, France.

My clients share about our coaching

TV Anchor, Global Media Company, USA

Having seen the impact Ben’s coaching had on loved ones, I decided one New Year’s Eve that this was to be an investment I wanted to make in myself. I wanted to more deeply understand what motivated me, to be bolder in navigating my career and to determine what greater balance looked like for me and my family. 

Ben had worked closely with a family member and I could see directly the impact he made on that person’s decision making process and level of fulfillment. I craved a partner to work with me on my whole self and bring clarity of thought and purpose in the way I could see he was doing for others. 

Ben’s impact goes from the micro to the macro. From helping navigate immediate business conversations to career pivot points, to finding joy in the now and fulfillment in the long term. Ben’s techniques, expertise and advice enabled me to push me out of my comfort zone and embed daily practices that have built my network, built opportunities for the company I work for and crucially built up my and my family’s happiness. 

Partner, Global Executive Search Firm, UK

I found great value in my coaching sessions with Ben. I was stepping into co-leading the European business of a global firm, and felt a keen sense of challenge, and some pressure, as I moved into that role. Feeling I would benefit from coaching as I took on more significant management responsibility, I decided to work with Ben following recommendation from a colleague, who had a very positive experience of working with him. My colleague had been recommended Ben by a client who also had a similarly positive experience.

Ben’s approach is anchored in a balanced and objective framework, which provides the basis to explore and identify one’s personal values and priorities with him in structured, regular coaching sessions. These sessions build on each other, with specific exercises set in between each session to reinforce key aspects of the framework relevant to our discussions.  I found Ben particularly skilled at linking the personal and professional, exploring the dynamic interaction between one’s values and priorities, and how those align to one’s professional situation and behaviours.
Throughout the coaching programme, Ben was skilled at asking apt questions that provided moments of real clarity, enhancing my self-awareness, challenging my assumptions, and in setting me specific tasks and goals to facilitate practical application of these insights in my day to day life. Ben was not afraid to push me, although always in a thoughtful and respectful way, to inform my professional development.

In drawing on examples from his own experience and providing insights from those in the world who are exceptional in their field – from sport to academia to business – Ben inspired confidence, and I found the sessions highly motivational. His passion for human performance optimisation and his extensive knowledge in this field was very valuable in helping me clarify how best to address some areas of my approach to management, leadership, and the execution of my work that I became aware I needed to improve. Through the tools Ben provides and his guidance in applying them, it became clear the great benefit that can be found by objectively examining one’s own experiences in the personal and professional realms, both positive and negative. The output formed the basis for real growth and development going forward. I have found this process has also helped build my resiliency during moments of significant challenge.
I cannot recommend Ben highly enough as a professional development coach and found him to be operating at a highly impactful level.

Director, Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, USA

I cannot thank Ben enough for the incredible impact he has had on my personal and professional growth. As my coach, he has provided me with invaluable guidance, support, and encouragement throughout my journey, helping me to identify my goals, develop my skills, and achieve my aspirations.

Ben has a remarkable ability to listen attentively, ask insightful questions, and provide constructive feedback that challenges me to reach my full potential. His approach is both professional and personal, creating a safe and trusting environment that allows me to be vulnerable and explore new ideas.

I am grateful for the transformative impact Ben has had on my life, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate coach.

Founder, Private Equity Fund, UK

I was offered professional coaching to accelerate and shape my career within a large private equity fund.

Working with Ben was an obvious choice. He has an engaging yet professional style, and his investment banking background helped us build rapport quickly and communicate effectively.
Ben’s coaching fundamentally changed my outlook on life, providing a framework to improve performance and build self-awareness.

CEO, Alternative Investment Search Firm, Europe

Whilst I initially set out to grow and develop my comfort with leadership, the sessions we have had span far beyond my initial goals and have left me feeling like a more complete person and more equipped to take on personal and professional challenges from a place of power and authenticity.

Ben strikes a delicate balance of challenging me whilst offering a supportive ear, which has led to me developing a far stronger self-awareness, allowing me to lead with confidence and empathy.
It has been a blessing to be coached by Ben and I look forward to continuing our relationship together.

Chief Revenue Officer, Logistics Scale-Up, France

Working with Ben has been a game changer in my development both personally and professionally. I feel that thanks to him I am a more confident person and more comfortable in the decisions I have to make on a daily basis.

Furthermore, thanks to his advice, his follow-up and his open-mindedness, I have been able to grow and perform better in my functions and in the management of my teams.

President of Digital Assets, CryptoAsset Global Fund, USA

I sought out coaching because, as an entrepreneur, I found it more and more difficult to manage a healthy, balanced lifestyle both personally and professionally. Regularly working with a coach has provided a safe space for reflection and enabled me to focus on living more intentionally.  
Ben has an incredible ability to quickly understand nuanced issues and identify deeper meanings and solutions. He has helped me develop a deeper self-awareness and understanding of the world and people. Ben has helped me drastically increase my confidence, happiness, and contentment with life.

I am always blown away by Ben’s level of calmness and wisdom, as well as his ability to evaluate complex situations and glean insights. I’m very solutions oriented. Ben balances this by creating space for reflection and understanding.

After working with Ben, I am living life more thoughtfully. I have a deeper self-awareness that allows me to be a better person, a stronger executive, and live a more balanced, fruitful lifestyle. Working with Ben for the last few years has directly contributed to substantially more monetary wealth, professional growth, and self-love.

Co-Founder, Venture Capital Fund, UK

I was at a point in my career and personal life where I felt like something was holding me back. I wanted to discover these blockers and then accelerate my opportunities for growth.

Ben came highly recommended from a Founder that Ben had worked with who had worked with numerous coaches before her work with Ben. I was searching for someone with a framework that they had developed over many years and someone that I just clicked with. Ben was both.

Ben helped me to truly understand and appreciate my values and how to build a life around them. He created some of the most meaningful discoveries during our time together and this has brought even more meaning and fulfilment to all aspects of my life.

Head of Growth, Logistics Start-Up, France

I was struggling with my professional context and needed to change my beliefs and behaviors in order to progress. I was a fresh manager and needed to manage 20+ Sales people during a context of revenue crisis (company dead or alive according to results). It was hard to get feedback from the inside because the coaching I needed was very personal.
My CEO had worked with you and recommended I start a process.

Our coaching helped me:
– develop the ability to handle conflictual conversations (being Fair VS being Loved)
– gain self-confidence / killed self-doubt & questions loop in my head
– detach myself from bad results to focus on action versus thinking too much about past failures
– improve my sense of ownership. Not only about professional accountabilities, but also strong ownership of my life and my choices

Overall : Ben targeted the right problems in my chaotic context. He replaced the wrong questions I asked myself by powerful ones. It’s not magic, it’s hard work. But I will do it again because it’s a cornerstone in my personal growth

Senior Division Manager, Global Retail & Distribution, Saudi Arabia

Our discussion and exercises have been instrumental in helping me shape a different mindset and approach, not only in professional life, but also personal.
At this stage in my career, I aimed to reach bigger ambitions and handle more important roles in time where objectives set to me from my management where even higher. Having moved from a regional based company to an international organization with different expectations, left me in a blurry area. Many of what I believed to be my strengths turned out to be not in line with my management outlooks.

This disconnection made me realize that working closely with a coach was inevitable in order for me to move in the right direction. Additionally the positive impact you had left on my wife’s mindset during your coaching sessions with her, the eye opener you were to her and the actions that she took in result, encouraged me and made me want to benefit from the same process and experience.

Not only I noticed an evolution, but my management realized the same and I came out of the coaching process a different person; one with a different approach, able to make bold decisions, a different leadership style able to attract people and build the right team that will help me accelerate in reaching goals, and one that builds clearer objectives and sticks to his commitment.
Thank you for all that Ben, I wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

Head of Culture & Coach, Remote Work Software Company, USA

I’ve been fortunate to learn a lot from Ben in our Executive Coaching Programme. As I started my first leadership role in my career, Ben was there every step of the way to guide me as I identified my challenges, learned about my potential and continued to build resilience and self-confidence.

I have truly appreciated the relationship we built together over the 7 months of coaching I received and came out of it feeling more inspired and empowered. I can recommend him to anyone who is ready to challenge themselves in order to grow in their self development.

Entrepreneur & Founder, Farming Financing Platform, UK

I worked with Ben over a 7 month period. Ben is an incredible friend, coach, and all-round human. He’s very open-minded and has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable during creation sessions. Throughout my time with him, we covered many avenues of personal growth – from improving leadership to dealing with business and relationship pressures.

Throughout this time I found in Ben an anchor to help me zoom out and constantly return to the bigger picture, and make better decisions from there. I highly recommend Ben!

Global Artist Manager, World-class DJ, UK

Ben was my coach for an 18 month period and it was a real pleasure to work with someone so committed to their craft, it was very inspiring and totally life changing for me in all areas of life and I would attribute my current successes to the work that we did together. I can not recommend Ben highly enough as a coach!

Entrepreneur, Tech Founder, Speaker, France

Benjamin is one of my dearest friends, but also the most amazing coach I have ever had. We started working together to tackle a key challenge to me: turn my project into a real, viable company.

The work we have done together has not only helped me create an actual company, but shape the company that fitted my aspirations. Ben approached each coaching session with an open mind, eager to discover what we would make out of it, and always with the most appropriate tools and insights. With his benevolence but also his ability to push me, we’ve succeeded with the challenge, but also made progress in many more aspects of my life, both professional and personal.

Ben, I cannot thank you enough for the work we have done together, and can’t wait to working again with you on my next big challenge!

Leadership Coach, USA

Ben is a phenomenal coach and human being. He has a way of being with you that is challenging, loving, and so intelligent. He has a way of really seeing through the surface level of what you’re saying to somehow really get the essence of what you’re believing on a deeper level that’s holding you back. At the same time – he’s always connected to your potential, what you’re capable of and what is your truest integrity and holds that as a space for you to step into.

He can be fearlessly challenging when you need it, lovingly compassionate when you need that – and somehow always knows which is right.

On top of that, as a human and professional – he is ALWAYS engaged in his own education and evolution. Two of the most important characteristics that a coach can have. He is always growing. Walking the talk and sharing whatever he can with you about his journey to make you feel that your own growth is accessible.

Senior Project Manager, Marketing Agency, UK

Ben is an exceptional and accomplished coach, with a real desire to serve.
As a client of Ben’s, my journey felt like a roller coaster, there were times where I was on a high ready to take on the world, others where I had been deeply challenged, conflicted and confused, and yet I kept showing up and working with Ben. He was fully focussed, supportive and challenged me to stretch myself in each of our sessions together, with my best interests at the heart of all we did.

Ben has played a huge part in my appreciation for the life I have now and on how to move forward from this position.

Thank you Ben for being the coach to support me throughout our time together, free from judgement and from a place of love and service.
I would highly recommend working Ben if you are interested in making a positive change in your career, relationship and life overall. To step outside yourself and see what you can bring to the world.

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