iDiscover Part 2: Gratitude

What can I say about the second day of this space-time travel machine that Gal Stiglitz invented? What can I possibly write that will do justice to the intense and emotionally loaded 13 hours we spent exploring, searching, challenging and eventually pouring out in the open some of our deepest vulnerabilities? To say it was a challenging day would be a euphemism… To say it was a breakthrough would be an understatement!

I began this day knowing where I thought I wanted to get to, and curious to see how far I would go. I followed the instructions and began applying myself with dedication and optimism. After a time, I started slowing down. My momentum was disturbed by a few speed bumps, my memories started playing tricks on me and my mind got in the way. My optimism started fading. My persona, the role I play in life, the stories I invent and live by (about who I am, etc) was severely put to the test. It came under biting scrutiny, and it fought back. I felt like I would not get there, like I could not do what was asked well enough, for me to extract the value that was promised.

This was followed by a more intense moment, the realisation of a fear. I thought and I felt that I understood what was going on, intellectually. I hit a knot within the depth of my being. I laid bare a core belief about myself, deeply ingrained, something I felt was the root of it all, and I could not see the resolution. I could not sense how the process we were going through would help me through it. At this point I was close to losing faith. It was hard. I took a break and thought: “all right, well you have come this far at least, and you know what needs to be worked through in future. That’s great, that’s a good result, it’s ok.” Then I came back and with compliance continued the exercise,  resigned, thinking this would be as far as I went. Obviously, I was wrong…

I cannot possibly express well enough what Gal has created. You have to live it. It is not something you can write or talk about: you have to experience it. Feeling and sharing the emotions that connect us, the REALNESS of the understandings we all found… The breakthrough is mind-blowing, astonishing, genuine and profound. I could not see where this was going, because it is not something to see. It is something to feel and experience.

The state of “Gratitude” is what we reached. Genuine, absolute, full-hearted gratitude. What Gal calls “Embracement”.

This accelerated, superpowered, emotional and introspective discovery is yet the most transformative experience I have been through. It certainly was so thanks to the previous ground work I had done with myself; but it put something together that I had not yet managed to understand nor feel until now. Something visceral, ingrained in my whole being… iDiscover is a powerful journey that will teach you more about yourself, life, human behaviour and how we function as human beings, than months of studying theories, concepts and applications. It can also save you years of resentment, anger and anxiety. It is a wonderful experience.

Tomorrow is another day for all of us. Today is timeless.

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