Your Clients Are NOT Looking For A Coach

How often have I heard coaches being confused about where to find the people who are “looking for” coaching?

How often have I heard coaches being frustrated because people in their world were not “looking for” coaching?

How often have I seen a public request on Facebook: “Hi guys, I’m looking for a coach; who can you recommend?”, followed by a scary stream of coaching offers from what looks like desperate individuals?

I encourage coaches to go and read this article too, which I wrote for the people ‘looking for’ coaching. I share my perspective as to why the people posting these public requests simply cannot be your ideal clients, both considering who they are being and how the coaching relationship gets created. Ok, maybe 1 in 10,000 will… if you like to play the numbers game, go for it! Personally, I don’t.

Now, I also want to talk to you coaches directly, especially if you are in this desperate place of struggling to find the people who are “looking for a coach”. I want to explain to you why there is something inherently flawed with this mindset. Here’s something which will save you time and energy.

Your ideal clients are NOT looking for a coach.

The quicker you get this, the better off you’ll be. Stop wasting your time.

When I say “your clients” I mean YOUR clients, YOUR people, the ones you ideally want to work with, the ones you are inspired by and can serve most deeply. Your clients are not the ones posting random requests for coaching on Facebook. Your clients are not price shoppers comparing you to 15 other coaches to see who’s cheapest. Your clients are not seeing coaching as a process for which anyone will do, as long as they’re recommended by a random profile online. Your clients don’t “need” coaching and are not “looking for” a coach. How could they?!

They don’t even know who you are or what coaching with you is like! How could they be looking for it?


Your clients are not looking for some-thing. Your clients are not looking for “a coach” nor are they looking for someone to help them “fix” their problems.  Your clients have, like all of us, challenges and dreams. They are seeking to fulfill themselves, and you are someone who can support them.

Your clients DON’T become your clients because you “do coaching”.

Your clients become your clients because of the impact you co-create with them.

They are inspired by who you are being when you interact with them. They want to spend more time with you; exploring their lives; dreaming about their future; reframing their past; creating their present. The people you do this with, these will be your clients.

So as a coach, replace advertising with creating. Go for impact instead of sales pack. Be a coach! Ask yourself more empowering questions than: “where are these people?” Get out there and start serving. Do what you love, do what seems fun, and serve people doing so.

Being a “successful” coach requires many things that I have yet to discover for myself, but the very first building block, which is an absolute must, is getting rid of this pernicious hide and seek acquisition mindset.

You don’t ‘attract’ clients.

You don’t ‘get’ clients.

You don’t ‘find’ clients.

You create them.

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