Don’t Wait ‘Till You Die

I have little patience for talk, talk, talk, and no action. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am often reminding myself of my own mortality, and the awareness that I still take many things for granted... Or perhaps I just like to get stuff done and I don't suffer procrastinators gladly. Who … Continue reading Don’t Wait ‘Till You Die

The Business Of Creation

It took me a while to get to this realisation, but I finally ended up embracing the fact that everything in the world is co-creation. Everything that happens in life, yours or mine, is exactly at the convergence between forces unravelling outside of us, and how we choose to show up to meet reality. We are … Continue reading The Business Of Creation

Why You (And I) Don’t ‘Deserve’ Anything

Language is powerful. Language creates new worlds. Language leads ideas and people. AND language destroys lives and leads to despair. I touched upon the impact of language in the past. Here, I want to explore a danger that is flooding our society. I wish to share my perspective around a pernicious lie that harms many of us … Continue reading Why You (And I) Don’t ‘Deserve’ Anything