iDiscover Part 3: Purpose

Alarm clock singing… Waking up… Mind still ecstatic… Getting ready… Coming back for the final day… brain still buzzing… little sleep but lots of energy… I thought: “what could we possibly do today that is more than where we ended up yesterday? We can’t possibly have another 12 hours of this intensity!” Again, I was wrong.

The last day of iDiscover is about Purpose and Fulfilment. It boils down to one question, perhaps slightly spiritual to some, definitely appealing to many… What are you here to do? The iDiscover approach relies on the single idea that there are only two ways to fulfilment. Either love what you do, or do what you love.

We started connecting the dots that we collected on the first day. We looked at our lives again, only this time seeing the bigger picture. What you love doing, what you are MEANT to do is screaming through your experiences and the actions you have taken.

So many people live a different life to the one they would have chosen to, if it weren’t for many external circumstances and factors that accumulated from the day we were born. It is all about reconnecting to that inner choice. As Mark Twain said, “the 2 most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you understand why.” We go through life attached to so many dualities: work v. retirement, work v. leisure, rich v. poor… This is what destroys us, physically, mentally. What keeps us from changing is fear. There are many different fears that people let themselves constrained by. Through his own unique approach, Gal Stiglitz helps one break free from them and reconnect with what is truly inspiring.

Gal has a well-designed method which brings about his paradigm of fulfilment. Finding and then working from our “essence” (the core of who and what we are) which transpires through the dots in our lives, he expands it out so we can identify our purpose, connect to our vision and finally establish our mission. From the mission, anchored in time, one can then make their way backwards to today, filling the gaps, setting the steps and identifying the milestones. So that you can start walking on your genuine path NOW.

I experienced this day as a form of powerful accelerated coaching intertwined with a higher sense of spirituality, the meaning of your life. It also has its fair share of pragmatic applications in exploring how you will go about achieving it! This is a fantastic combination that to my knowledge no other person, place or programme is currently delivering in such a condensed and efficient format. This day had outstanding value for me and was deeply inspirational. I wish all people, when the time is right for them, will undertake this journey. I know this is not over. These 3 days were only the packaged kickstarter of something much bigger that I am driven towards. I know where I am going. Do you?

I highly recommend each and every one of you reading this blog to look up what Gal Stiglitz’s iDiscover is, and when you are ready, allow your mind to open up to a whole new level. As for me, I never thought I would love waking up so much…

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