Creation Is a Choice

On one end of the spectrum, Creation. On the other, Reaction.

In my last blog post, I opposed creators to reactors and challenged you to ask yourself one simple question. Which one are you?

Well, you may or may not have gathered that this was a trick question. Because the truth is that you are both. We all have the capacity to be both proactive and passive; we all can and are at times creators and at other times, reactors. We also all possess a natural tendency; a way of being that is mostly creative or mostly reactive.

Where this comes from, some will explain looking at your childhood and education. Others will mention the experiences and cultural or spiritual dogma you have been exposed to for many years. Others, still, will bring up the social interactions you were a part of throughout your life: your friends, your teachers, your family, your lovers. And there might even be an element that stemmed not from your childhood and teenage experiences; something that came through you earlier than this, at birth or perhaps even before. Who knows and, really, who cares?

In THIS moment, you have a choice.

The interesting thing to notice here is that those among us who are mostly creators will feel and know the impact of the four words above. Our first internal response might be something like: “yep, definitely” or “indeed, I have a choice” or “HELL YEAH!”, and along with it a subtle yet general sense of excitement and optimistic chill, down in our belly or our chest.

Those among us who have a tendency to be reactors will not believe these words. Our internal response might take the form of a sense of suspicion, or rejection tainted with disbelief. Our first words might be something like: “easier said than done”, “pfff, bullsh*t”, or “not for everything I don’t”. We are caught up in our heads, trapped in our own thinking and tainted view of seeing the world through dark lenses.

I know, because I have been there myself. I have delved into the worlds of business schools, investment banking, hypnosis, and I now evolve mostly through the universe of coaching. If there is one thing I can take away from this mix is that what I have learned along the way has served me greatly. And I have literally seen myself evolve along this spectrum as I went forward on my journey.

I have been a reactor. I rejected ideas in the past because they felt impossible. I have believed I would never be good enough, or “like them”, or capable of. I complained and moaned about life even though I knew mine was wonderfully fortunate. I know what it feels like to believe I am entitled to receive help, support, good karma, luck or whatever (for no good reason by the way… just because I was)!

But I also felt what it was like to jump into the impossible. I let go of the “I am not good enough” and just went for what I chose to believe in. I stopped looking only at my own life and comparing it to others, and worked on developing my self-awareness because I love it, not because I need it. And I realised that I was responsible for creating what I want, rather than wait for it to be delivered to my doorstep by some intangible force.

I chose to trust and create. So can you.

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