What Will You Sacrifice Today?

More and more, I like to look up the etymology of words. It is fascinating to immerse oneself in the depth of meaning and symbols that is present in an everyday combination of letters. I took up this habit from my coach John P Morgan who taught me the love of words and how language … Continue reading What Will You Sacrifice Today?

Dealing With Change

Change is hard. We all know that. Change is difficult. Change is scary! Changing a habit, changing our way of thinking, our energy levels, our communication, our emotions, all this is freaking hard work! Why? Not because these are somehow wired into our brain. I don't believe that. Despite what we hear too often, people are not … Continue reading Dealing With Change

The Greatest Hypnotist In Your Life

Stop rehearsing your old stories. I remember an inspiring hypnotist I trained with a while back saying: "stop being authored and start authoring". These words and the message they convey stuck with me. "That's the story of my life".. "that's just who I am"... we know these sentences; we all know someone who said something along these … Continue reading The Greatest Hypnotist In Your Life