Some Considerations Around Ego

The word “ego” is commonly understood as referring to a part of the human psychological experience which is undesired, shameful, and dare I say evil. We understand ego as being built into us through our exposure to interpersonal, social and cultural experiences in our early years, and which we should aim to get rid of … Continue reading Some Considerations Around Ego

If You Want To Change The World, Get Committed

I have always wanted to be special. Throughout most of my childhood, I felt like I wasn't, like something was missing, like I had nothing exceptional to offer. I was simply ordinary, destined to live an ordinary life. It was far from satisfying, but I just didn't really think I could be extraordinary. I did not … Continue reading If You Want To Change The World, Get Committed

Of Moles and Men

I talked in an old blog post about the trances we live by, every waking moment of our existence. Our life is a never-ending series of trances constantly following one another, continuously unfolding. Some people call them states or moods. Our waking state of consciousness shifts depending on whether we are angry, loving, affectionate, sad, stressed, … Continue reading Of Moles and Men

Time Travellers

Today, I want to talk about time and our relationship to time. I won't be too long, don't worry. This simple comment should already set your neurons on fire as you are mentally working to figure out what I just insinuated, and are starting to realise what you may have been thinking (although likely unconsciously) as you were reading … Continue reading Time Travellers

Solar Impulse

A few months ago, I read a book written by Bertrand Piccard, the pilot of Solar Impulse, about better living. As an aside, he is also a well-known psychiatrist who happens to use hypnosis both in his practice as well as for himself... But I am getting distracted. Beyond the fact that it was a fascinating read, are … Continue reading Solar Impulse

How Do We (Really) Learn?

How do we learn? How do we build knowledge? What do we really know, and don't know? Are there not things that you thought you did not know, yet somehow discovered you did?And reversely, how many times did you assume you knew how something worked, but actually when challenged or put on the spot, realised you … Continue reading How Do We (Really) Learn?