Why We Think

I was woken up by an idea. I've been thinking about Thought for a long while, and this morning an entire stream of thinking showed up the moment I awoke. I spent 30 minutes snoozing and drifting, creating this article in my mind but feeling too good in my bed to actually get up and … Continue reading Why We Think

If You Want To Change The World, Get Committed

I have always wanted to be special. Throughout most of my childhood, I felt like I wasn't, like something was missing, like I had nothing exceptional to offer. I was simply ordinary, destined to live an ordinary life. It was far from satisfying, but I just didn't really think I could be extraordinary. I did not … Continue reading If You Want To Change The World, Get Committed

Stop Playing “Safe”

Have you ever observed how children do life? They are least concerned with safety and security. This is precisely what makes them grow so much. Toddlers learn so fast to walk and talk because they don't care about maintaining their "safe" state. They don't care about mistakes, failures, or pain. I mean, they feel pain … Continue reading Stop Playing “Safe”

What “DIPLOMA” Should Really Stand For

A few months ago, I shared how my own relationship to educational and intellectual achievements secretly damaged my self-esteem for years (you can read the article here). Although I proudly displayed success on the outside, I felt unworthy on the inside. And worse, I was ashamed of that and afraid that anyone would come to … Continue reading What “DIPLOMA” Should Really Stand For

“I Am Looking For A Coach. Can You Recommend Anyone?”

I am a member of various Facebook Groups related to coaching, personal development, leadership, philosophy and other fields of interest to me. Every once in a while, I see someone posting the following request: "Hi guys, I am X and I am looking for a coach for Y. Could you recommend anyone?" I would like … Continue reading “I Am Looking For A Coach. Can You Recommend Anyone?”

Have You Ever Lost Your Keys?

A good friend recently told me she admired the focus I was able to maintain in my search for meaning and the absence of "regrets" about certain past choices I made which, from today's perspective, may look like a waste of time. I explored different avenues and learning experiences in the past 9 years, without ever regretting any of them or … Continue reading Have You Ever Lost Your Keys?