Why We Think

I was woken up by an idea. I've been thinking about Thought for a long while, and this morning an entire stream of thinking showed up the moment I awoke. I spent 30 minutes snoozing and drifting, creating this article in my mind but feeling too good in my bed to actually get up and … Continue reading Why We Think

Come To The Edge

There is a short poem I love. Some sources attribute it to French poet and writer Guillaume Apollinaire, others to English poet Christopher Logue. It goes like this. "Come to the edge", he said. "We can't, we are afraid", they responded. "Come to the edge", he said. They said "We can't, we will fall." "Come … Continue reading Come To The Edge

What Will You Sacrifice Today?

More and more, I like to look up the etymology of words. It is fascinating to immerse oneself in the depth of meaning and symbols that is present in an everyday combination of letters. I took up this habit from my coach John P Morgan who taught me the love of words and how language … Continue reading What Will You Sacrifice Today?