Why We Think

I was woken up by an idea. I've been thinking about Thought for a long while, and this morning an entire stream of thinking showed up the moment I awoke. I spent 30 minutes snoozing and drifting, creating this article in my mind but feeling too good in my bed to actually get up and … Continue reading Why We Think

Focus Is A Verb

This morning, after engaging in a solid morning routine involving some Wim Hof breathing exercises and a cold shower, my wife and I sat down for breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed our first meal after a short 30-hour fast. We were sipping our tea, enjoying the aftermath of this intense start to the day, when she … Continue reading Focus Is A Verb

The Power of Slowing Down

Ever been on the London tube? I have. It's CRAZY! Sometimes when I get back home I sit down on the sofa, stare at the wall and just decide to stop. I let the silence spread. I let the emptiness fill the room. I surround myself with a quiet space and expanded sense of being absolutely present, here and now. … Continue reading The Power of Slowing Down

Of Moles and Men

I talked in an old blog post about the trances we live by, every waking moment of our existence. Our life is a never-ending series of trances constantly following one another, continuously unfolding. Some people call them states or moods. Our waking state of consciousness shifts depending on whether we are angry, loving, affectionate, sad, stressed, … Continue reading Of Moles and Men

Deadly Words

There is one simple way to increase the quality of your relationships with others and with yourself. You might want to check it out. If you do it and you do it well, this might radically improve the quality of your life… A little while ago, I started paying attention to the language people around … Continue reading Deadly Words

Can You Be Hypnotised?

The short answer is: YES! Of course... There are a lot of misconceptions around hypnotisability and the supposed varying "receptiveness" of people to the hypnotic "sleep". That's because people often don't know clearly what is really going on. This ignorance is often fuelled by stage shows and the "surreal" hypnotic phenomena witnessed by emotionally hyped audiences. Everybody can experience hypnosis, … Continue reading Can You Be Hypnotised?

The Masks We Wear

We all have different personalities in that our traits (so called qualities and flaws) appear more or less throughout our daily interactions with other people. In this sense we are all unique. But we all share something in common and this is really what I want to talk about. It is that we all wear a mask. Actually we … Continue reading The Masks We Wear

You Don’t Need To Be Who You Think You Are

What do you tell yourself and others about who you are? What do you tell yourself and others about what you “have always done”, what you “have always been”, how you “have always reacted”? I wonder if you have ever paid attention to the words you use to describe yourself, your identity. Both when you … Continue reading You Don’t Need To Be Who You Think You Are