Creators vs Reactors

There is a spectrum that determines a great deal of what happens to us throughout our lifetime. It is a spectrum we all belong to.

What is being brought into our reality, whether by our own actions or by the actions of others, is largely a result of where we belong on this spectrum. This spectrum dictates your life in this very moment.

Are you a Creator or a Reactor?

Now of course, there are varying degrees of intensity between these words which depict the extremes of the spectrum. But essentially, we all belong somewhere along that scale, and where we are determines how we perceive our world, as well as the quality of our lives.

Everyone has a choice. Why you are where you are doesn’t matter. It’s relevant only to understand the quality of life you are enjoying (or not) right now, and by no means does it determine how will life be tomorrow. IF you choose to take action. Because you can.

You can choose to invent a new “You”. You can choose to step into a powerful future rather than your default future. That, of course, requires you to bring out the Creator in you.

Creators perceive their world as a playground where events can be turned into opportunities.

Reactors perceive their world as a result of external forces and powers that are greater than them.

Creators know there are ups and down in life, and they are okay with that.

Reactors think in terms of luck and constantly compare themselves to others.

Creators live fully because they know their future begins now.

Reactors forget to live and blame their past for who they are.

Creators dream, decide and achieve or fail.

Reactors dream, hope and praise or blame.

Creators try, fail, and boldly try again.

Reactors try, fail, and give up.

Creators choose to be optimistic.

Reactors think they are realistic.

Creators pursue their dreams.

Reactors blame reality.

Creators take action.

Reactors make wishes.

Creators trust.

Reactors hope.

Which one are you?

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