There Is Nothing Special About You

I remember thinking during my mid-teens that there was something unique in me, an evil self-centred imposteur, a self-absorbed 'dark side' which I could hide extremely well in public but which secretly expressed itself in the private corners of my mind. I kept confidential this shameful secret that I was not the "good guy" that … Continue reading There Is Nothing Special About You

The Power of Slowing Down

Ever been on the London tube? I have. It's CRAZY! Sometimes when I get back home I sit down on the sofa, stare at the wall and just decide to stop. I let the silence spread. I let the emptiness fill the room. I surround myself with a quiet space and expanded sense of being absolutely present, here and now. … Continue reading The Power of Slowing Down

The Imagination Game

There is a word which keeps coming back every time I talk about hypnosis, yet is not present enough in people's lives. This word is: imagination. Now, this is just a word, but when you think about it, when you think about what imagination REALLY evokes for you, it opens a limitless internal universe… Imagination is the faculty of the … Continue reading The Imagination Game