Can You Be Hypnotised?

The short answer is: YES! Of course... There are a lot of misconceptions around hypnotisability and the supposed varying "receptiveness" of people to the hypnotic "sleep". That's because people often don't know clearly what is really going on. This ignorance is often fuelled by stage shows and the "surreal" hypnotic phenomena witnessed by emotionally hyped audiences. Everybody can experience hypnosis, … Continue reading Can You Be Hypnotised?

The Masks We Wear

We all have different personalities in that our traits (so called qualities and flaws) appear more or less throughout our daily interactions with other people. In this sense we are all unique. But we all share something in common and this is really what I want to talk about. It is that we all wear a mask. Actually we … Continue reading The Masks We Wear

The Greatest Hypnotist In Your Life

Stop rehearsing your old stories. I remember an inspiring hypnotist I trained with a while back saying: "stop being authored and start authoring". These words and the message they convey stuck with me. "That's the story of my life".. "that's just who I am"... we know these sentences; we all know someone who said something along these … Continue reading The Greatest Hypnotist In Your Life

The Imagination Game

There is a word which keeps coming back every time I talk about hypnosis, yet is not present enough in people's lives. This word is: imagination. Now, this is just a word, but when you think about it, when you think about what imagination REALLY evokes for you, it opens a limitless internal universe… Imagination is the faculty of the … Continue reading The Imagination Game

Tranceforming Realities

What is hypnosis? What is trance? These are the most common questions coming up in people’s minds when I use the words hypnotherapy, hypnosis, trancework and the like. More often than not they actually blend into one single question: what is this supernatural thing that makes people do things beyond their control? Indeed most people … Continue reading Tranceforming Realities