Dealing With Change

Change is hard. We all know that. Change is difficult. Change is scary! Changing a habit, changing our way of thinking, our energy levels, our communication, our emotions, all this is freaking hard work! Why? Not because these are somehow wired into our brain. I don't believe that. Despite what we hear too often, people are not … Continue reading Dealing With Change

Of Moles and Men

I talked in an old blog post about the trances we live by, every waking moment of our existence. Our life is a never-ending series of trances constantly following one another, continuously unfolding. Some people call them states or moods. Our waking state of consciousness shifts depending on whether we are angry, loving, affectionate, sad, stressed, … Continue reading Of Moles and Men

Tranceforming Realities

What is hypnosis? What is trance? These are the most common questions coming up in people’s minds when I use the words hypnotherapy, hypnosis, trancework and the like. More often than not they actually blend into one single question: what is this supernatural thing that makes people do things beyond their control? Indeed most people … Continue reading Tranceforming Realities