The Power of Slowing Down

Ever been on the London tube? I have. It's CRAZY! Sometimes when I get back home I sit down on the sofa, stare at the wall and just decide to stop. I let the silence spread. I let the emptiness fill the room. I surround myself with a quiet space and expanded sense of being absolutely present, here and now. … Continue reading The Power of Slowing Down

Deadly Words

There is one simple way to increase the quality of your relationships with others and with yourself. You might want to check it out. If you do it and you do it well, this might radically improve the quality of your life… A little while ago, I started paying attention to the language people around … Continue reading Deadly Words

Our Amazing Brain

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rationale mind is a faithful servant." ~Albert Einstein This quote really resonates with me, and I think it is a waste that our modern society has cut out of the picture most of the intuitive to rely almost exclusively on a rationale modus operandi. I strongly believe that we should strive to reconcile and promote … Continue reading Our Amazing Brain

How Do We (Really) Learn?

How do we learn? How do we build knowledge? What do we really know, and don't know? Are there not things that you thought you did not know, yet somehow discovered you did?And reversely, how many times did you assume you knew how something worked, but actually when challenged or put on the spot, realised you … Continue reading How Do We (Really) Learn?